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Wandering Wally plays Frisbee

The Adventures of Wandering Wally

"The Adventures of Wandering Wally"  by Janet Hancock is an endearing tale of adventure and fun. Wally the adorable puppy finds himself in a variety of situations but he always makes it home to his loving family. 

This 44 page picture book is filled with gorgeous illustrations by Graham Hancock. 

  • Meet Wandering Wally, the adventurous puppy! He loves playing and exploring, from chasing and playing with kids in the backyard to swimming in the lake and visiting the neighbours. Sometimes he gets into mischief and gets lost, but always finds his way back home to his loving family. They even take him camping and enjoy the fun he brings to their lives. So come along on Wally's wild ride and join the fun!


    1. The story of Wandering Wally is full of fun and adventure, which children find exciting and engaging.
    2. Wally is a cute and loveable puppy, which children can easily relate to and feel empathy for.
    3. The story shows the bond between a pet and its family, which can help children understand the importance of taking care of their own pets or how to look after one.
    4. Wally's escape and adventure might relate to their own curiosity and spirit of exploring, so children might feel encouraged to follow their own curiosity and explore the world around them.
    5. The story has a positive message that despite making mistakes, it's always possible to come back home and be loved and accepted. Wally is always forgiven and loved by his family which is an important reminder to children that they too will always be loved by their family.
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