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Where did Wandering Wally Come from?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Wandering Wally developed over several years of pet ownership. The original Wally was our beloved family pet for many years. He was a beautiful Border Collie - Bernese Mountain dog cross. We got him from a farm as a puppy and he grew up with our children. He loved playing frisbee, chasing sticks and balls and swimming in the nearby lake.

Unfortunately Wally was a bit of an escape artist and managed to dig, push, pry and climb out of our fenced yard on many occasions. He would go wandering and visit neighbours and shops and restaurants. We would go searching for him time after time. His face was often plastered on lost dog flyers and social media posts. He even made it on the radio on occasion. One winter night we tracked his paw prints in the fresh snow all over town. Eventually we would find him or he would come home of his own accord.

All of these adventures led to the nickname Wandering Wally. For years Wally provided a treasure trove of material that Janet knew one day would become a book. And now that dream is fulfilled.

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